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Graphic Design

Data visualization is a method of visually representing information that draws attention to patterns and trends while also allowing users to get insights in a short amount of time. Data may be presented using visual elements such as color, brightness, size, form, and motion of graphical objects. These elements help with understanding in ways that using just text, numbers, or basic graphs does not. The possibilities for visualizing the data go much beyond the conventional pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. Digital Graphics may include scattering plots, 2D animations, brochures, and infographics.

At Digital Visibility, we are able to take your online business to the next level with our astonishing graphic designs and visualization approaches. We are not just an ordinary agency that designs your website and leaves you out of the blue! In every step of your online journey to stand out from the crowd, we are with you. We are just exactly what you expect!

We Make

Your Brand

Difficult to


At Digital Visibility, we take great pleasure in telling the world about the history of your brand.

With our innovative brand strategies in digital graphics, we are able to assist our clients all around North America in accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves. We construct memorable brand identities and work to make your company image a name that is instantly recognizable and difficult to overlook in the marketplace.

In addition, our specialists will assess the effectiveness of your brand and give insights to assist you in analyzing the outcomes of our campaigns. So just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Underestimate the

Power of Your Business's


To our credit, we have designed logos for our customers’ companies and products, conceived the guidelines for their brand style guides, and developed names for their businesses and products.

Whether your business needs our design experts to create a new brand from scratch or rethink an existing one, our team will work with your executives and marketing team to develop and design a brand that will effectively deliver the goals of your company, service, or product to the general public. We can develop logos that are printable and web-ready.

Why Every Small- and Medium-size Business in North America Needs Powerful Logo Design

Your brand does not consist of your logo and your website. People’s experiencesimpressions, and overall reputations on the quality of the services you provide come together to form your brand. Branding refers to the activities that are carried out in order to construct a brand. A brand identity, on the other hand, is the physical manifestation of your brand (logo, typography, colors, etc.)

The business world is a very competitive environment, and this holds true for both small organizations and major corporations. As a result, you need to exert as much effort as you can to maintain the spotlight on your brand and increase the public’s awareness of it. Getting a professionally created logo that is consistent with your company concept is one of the finest things you can do to increase your relevance and credibility as a brand.

Did you know that ...

A jaw-dropping logo encourages people to remain around by authenticating your professionalism and fostering trust!


is the way

you convey

your meaning

There are a lot of different meanings that can be attached to the fonts and typography that you use, so when it comes to the typography that represents your brand, you need to make sure that you pick them carefully and that you know why you’re using each one, and that you understand what message it will send to the person who is watching or reading it.


Choose Wisely for Selling Intelligently 

When developing a logo or brand, the choice of fonts and the way they are ordered are just as crucial as the use of color palettes, images, or graphics.

Why? Because, for consumers, it is important how a word appears to determine how it sounds to decide how they feel.



People Get Easily Excited By Typographies! 

Emotional connection is sparked by strong branding. Your font should pique curiosity, inspire confidence, and foster optimism. Such emotions may be evoked by typography without the audience even being aware of it.

“Do my typography’s representation, communication, and aesthetic appeal meet successful standards?”





If you didn’t respond with a “yes,” it could be time to call us

Color Palette

How to


colors like



Having a clear, consistent, and unique color palette is one of the most crucial visual elements you can develop for your business since color improves awareness by up to 80%. A color is a potent tool for expressing your brand’s personality, attracting your target market, and spreading your message. To develop a unified and consistent color palette that you can apply to all of your touchpoints, you may pick one to three core colors that best reflect your brand, along with a few coordinating neutrals.

Do You Know Which

Colors Americans and

Canadians Prefer to See?

Color transmits sentiments and emotions that vary by culturetimepersonal experiencegender, etc.

It is important to choose wisely; Individuals in United States and Canada are not indifferent to the colors used in the brands.

Color is vital for branding.

Understanding color’s role in branding is crucial to creating a strong and coherent identity. Color perception is crucial in graphic and online design to develop a palette that elicits the proper audience response.

Choosing your brand’s color palette might be difficult when you realize so much more goes into it than choosing your favorite color.

We can assist if you’re unsure where to take your brand. Our branding services may create leads and loyal clients for your company just by choosing the right color palette. 

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Brochures are powerful promotional tools that no company can afford to ignore because of the impact they have. They’re adaptable, flexible, and inexpensive graphic designs.

Even if we live in a digital age, a physical brochure still has the power to amaze anybody and may result in sales as well as increased connection with consumers. There is a wide variety of brochure design options available to choose from if you want to make an impression on people and convince them to purchase what you are offering.

  • You may develop an exceptional marketing strategy while sticking to a tight budget by using brochures

  • They are able to strengthen your presence in the market, and they integrate effectively with several other marketing media

  • Businesses often make use of it as a means of drawing attention to a particular product, company, or service


There are a variety of folding designs available for the brochures that we would design and print for you, including bi-fold, tri-fold, four-panel folds, and more.

Spread Brochures to Get
Instant Results, No Matter The
Size of Your Business

The trained experts at Digital Visibility are able to transform any brochure into an essential component of a successful marketing strategy. Brochure printing is a powerful tool that may deliver you benefits quickly and in a measured way. Our seasoned professionals are more than happy to walk you through the hundreds of brochure layouts that may boost your revenue.

You may reach us at for a no-obligation pricing estimate if you require high-quality printing for brochures, or you can send us a message via the contact page. On the front page of our website, you are always able to see a comprehensive list of all of the services that we provide. No matter if your company is located in Toronto, Seattle, New York, or Montreal, we’re a full-service digital consulting company that offers you complete access to the resources you need to implement new technologies and establish and boost your online presence in North America.

With Business Card

We can help you create professional and eye-catching business cards that will help you make a good impression on potential customers. We can help you with the following aspects of your business card:

  • Design: We can help you design a business card that is visually appealing and reflects your brand.
  • Content: We can help you choose the right content for your business card, such as your name, title, company name, contact information, and website address.
  • Printing: We can help you print your business cards on high-quality paper and in a variety of sizes and finishes.
  • Delivery: We can help you deliver your business cards to you or to your customers.

Business cards are a great way to introduce yourself with graphic designs to potential customers and leave a lasting impression. We can help you create business cards that are sure to help you achieve your business goals. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Here are Some

Business Cards



Networking: Business cards are a great way to exchange contact information with potential customers, partners, and colleagues. They can be used at networking events, conferences, and trade shows.


Providing contact information: Business cards can be used to provide potential customers with your contact information, such as your name, title, company name, phone number, email address, and website address. This can be helpful if someone is interested in learning more about your business or services.


Building relationships: Business cards can be used to build relationships with potential customers. When you give someone your business card, you are essentially saying that you are interested in doing business with them. This can be a great way to start a conversation and build rapport.


Promoting your business: Business cards can be used to promote your business. You can include your logo, tagline, and website address on your business card to help potential customers remember your business.


Branding: Business cards can be used to brand your business. The design and style of your business card should reflect the overall branding of your business. This can help to create a professional and memorable impression.


Staying in touch: Business cards can be used to stay in touch with potential customers. If you meet someone at a networking event, you can give them your business card and ask them to contact you. This can be a great way to follow up with potential customers and keep them engaged.

Business Cards Design

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Turn Your Data Into Action by Digital Visibility Infographics

You won’t need to write a single line of code to use interactive infographics to engage and convert the perfect clients for your business when you use Digital Visibility. Our specialized infographics designers provide companies with everything they want to stand out in the competitive digital scene and attract customers’ attention.

Dive In Content

When your content has been ready to be published, you can either send your audience to the experience directly or embed it elsewhere on the web. Our infographics are compatible with almost all Content Management Systems (CMS), and they can be included in your website in a seamless manner to offer each page a unique appearance and feel. Your live content can be easily updated in real-time, it can be optimized for search, and it can be brought in front of your audience with just one click. It’s just like a miracle, isn’t it?

  • It is just as crucial to managing the work itself as it is to controlling access to the design work. With the ability to provide varying degrees of access, the Infographics feature of Digital Visibility enables your team to collaborate effectively without treading on each other’s toes. After that, the files may be organized in a folder structure that is simple and easy for anybody to grasp.

  • The Infographics created by Digital Visibility even enable you to preload templates with your brand’s assets and rules, ensuring that everyone works from the same playbook

How Infographics Do the Magic for Your Business?
  • Shareable infographics that are designed by our team increase your brand awareness automatically! Studies show that 80% of online people love sharing informative materials through their social platforms. The key is that your graphic designs about your business should be eye-catching and comprehensive.
  • Infographics are excellent for SEO, which raises your business’s position in search engine results. Posting your images widely encourages visitors to share them on their own networks and improves visual memory.
  • Additionally, blogs and news websites often seek eye-catching graphic material. So, think about granting everyone permission to reuse your infographics, subject to credit and a link to your website.

No matter what type of CMS you use for your website, our infographics, graphic designs, and visual elements are all compatible with Shopify, WordPress, Wix, etc.

Contact us right now to create your first infographics and watch how graphic design does the magic for your business for the first time!

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2D Animation

You have come to the right place if you are seeking the best North America “2D animation professionals”.

According to statistics, 60% of viewers are more inclined to make a purchase as a result of watching a 2D animated clip.

Why Digital Visibility
is Your Only Logical
Choice For 2D

Your 2D Animation isn’t finished until you’re delighted with every aspect of it, and we’ll keep working on it until you believe it’s a work of art. At Digital Visibility, our main objective is to make sure that every customer leaves with the confidence to share their video material over the internet.

Everything at your fingertips. From 2D Animation to motion graphics and fantastic infographics, and-drawn whiteboards, stock video, screencasts, entire live-action productions, and more. 

Want it now? Even quicker? No sweat! Since our production staff is prepared and ready to complete your film as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, we are aware that you need your videos as soon as possible. Additionally, we provide a quick option that will create your film in as short as a week.

We have the most incredible talent right here in Toronto, right adjacent to the world’s technology hub. Throughout the course of the production, you will be able to communicate with the members of your creative team.

Contact us right now to create your first infographics and watch how it does the magic for your business for the first time!


We Are Exactly What You Need NOW!

Go Viral With 2D Animations We Produce At Digital Visibility

We are a full-service digital consulting agency that can provide you with complete access to the tools you need to integrate new technologies and develop and enhance your online presence. We are not just into website design, graphic design, or SEO; Digital Visibility aims to help every online small and medium business in North America stand out from the crowd and leverage available tools to operate more efficiently.

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Make Your Social

Media Pleasing To

The Eye With

Graphic Design

Illustrations, patterns, icons, and textures are some of the components that bring everything together to form a unified brand identity. While graphics and icons may be used to elevate and express information or add personality to your brand, patterns and textures can be utilized for packaging, social media backgrounds, website components, and more. These need to be used in your brand colors and go together with your identity’s overarching theme.

Did you know that ...

DigitalVisibility is a one-stop shop for businesses in North America looking to maximize the benefits of their digital transformation. Our digital consulting services go well beyond those of typical web design companies. We offer you quick and simple access to all the tools you need to use state-of-the-art technology and establish or grow your online presence.

It does not make a difference where in North America you are located; whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, or Toronto, we are able to provide you with great internet solutions and services that you will not find offered by any other firm.

At Digital Visibility, we are well aware of how critical it is to ensure that the visual elements of your business are both engaging and convincing. We believe that supplying our clients with high-quality logo designs, typography designs, color palette development, and other visual aspects is an important part of our business. To accomplish this, we establish tight working relationships with our customers in order to better comprehend their needs and provide timely solutions.

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